Trans USA run

The Plan

Hmmm, where should I begin?  The plan to run across the country has been in the back
of my mind for some time.  The opportunity to actually go through with it has just
come up recently.  In no particular order, here are some of the factors that either
led to the decision or in some way were involved.
1.  Last year, one of my friends traveled around the world by himself.
2.  In August, my wife and I are moving to Seattle and I will be temporarily jobless.
3.  The Great Eastern Trail Run series which includes 5K, 10K, 15K, 40 & 100 mile runs.
4.  After running everyday for 14 years I need a new challenge on a grand scale.

Of course no one said this would be easy or convenient.  The logistics alone could be
a full-time job.  Among the many concerns that will be worked out are:
1.  How much physical and mental training needs to be done?
2.  How much will this cost?
3.  How will we be able to buy a house, move in and pay the mortgage?
4.  What about holidays, birthdays, anniversaries?

Everything will work itself out and you can follow all of the progress online!