Trans USA run

The Announcement

From: John H Wallace III
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 12:49 AM
To: Everyone
Subject: From sea to shining sea (on foot)

I'm considering running across America.  Alone - yet technologically

Send me your $0.02.



The Responses

Sent: 2/10/04 5:44 AM
GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent: 2/10/04 9:26 AM
Run, Forrest, Run!

Sent: 2/10/04 10:02 AM
I just told mom the othernight that we were going to run across America.

Sent: 2/10/04 11:03 AM
John, there are four really good books that you should carefully read before
attempting the venture.  At least, I would.  You could go to your closest
library, and if they don't have them, they could order them for you, free of
charge, through the interlibrary exchange system.  The books are: David
Horton, "A Quest for Adventure", Warwick House, Lynchburg, Va., 1997;  Paul
Reese, "Ten Million Steps", WRS Publishing, Waco, Tex., 1993; Don Shepherd,
"My Run Across the United States", Tafnews Press, Los Altos, Ca., 1970;
Bruce Tulloh, "Four Million Footsteps", Pelham Books, London, 1970.  The one
who did it purely on his own was Don Sheppard.  He slept out and lived out
for most of the adventure.  The others had RV's and pit crews.  I've read
all of them, and, if for no other reason than logistical purposes, you need
this background information first.  Also go to the Ultramarathon World
website and read a lot of the ultra tips.  If you are planning on attempting
to document the trip, contact Andy Milroy through that site.  There is a
bogus "runner" out there by the name of Robert Garside who claims to have
run around the world, but most of it is lies.  Go to the Garside section of
the Ultramarathon World site.  We are still hopeful that you can donate some
time to the USRSA site, and in fact, that would be a good place to post
updates.  Dawn and I wish you all the very best, should you decide to give
this a shot.

Sent: 2/10/04 12:25 PM

Seriously, if it's something you want to do and think you can do it, go for
it.  You're doing it for yourself, not anyone else.

How long do you think it would take?

Sent: 2/10/04 7:50 PM
You're insane. But if anybody can do it, you can. :)

My $0.02.

If you do it, take lots of pictures. Like every 5 miles. And post 'em 
linked to a map. I think Kodak or somebody sponsored a similar thing a 
couple years ago.

Sent: 2/11/04 12:54 AM
still think you should start with the 100 mi first... ;-)

Sent: 2/11/04 9:30 AM
Fly like an eagle, into the future! I am in training for a 10K in a few
weeks and also plan on running the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th again(it
is a Sunday and is the largest 10K in the world) if you are interested. The
form comes out around the third week of March and I will send you the link
just in case you are interested. I plan to run under 55 minutes in the one
in a few weeks so I can be timed in the Peachtree and run with the first
group instead of being back with a bunch of walkers like last year, which
wasn't ideal. At any rate, good luck with the CRAZY LONG DISTANCE RUN! How
far do you plan to go each day and how long do you think it will take? Talk
to you soon.

Sent: 2/13/04 4:45 AM
I would not try it alone. I would not try it while employed (you won't
be for long.) That's my 2 sense. I may have more sense later.

Sent: 2/13/04 2:46 PM
You should do it!! you are moving anyway, from one sea to another so why not?
Maybe you could combine it and carry a backpack full of stuff that you will need
when you first get out there :) Anyway, I think that would be neat.  I would
never do it (unless of course Heidi bets me a 12-pack of Coke, then it just might
be on!)  Anyway, hope all is well!


Sent: 2/17/04 7:18 PM
John....... Are you serious?  How can you fit this into your and Heidi"s busy lifestyle?
Please keep us posted.

Sent: 2/18/04 7:04 AM
Keep me posted John, maybe i can help somehow, perhaps rally some support from sponsers
for you...Give me a list of people  you would like me to contact, an see what i can
generate....who knows...

Sent: 2/18/04 8:20 AM
Yes keep me on your running list!  You are certifiable.  If you follow the
same route those other blokes did I can hook you up with places to crash in
Victor ID and Swan Valley Idaho.   

Sent: 2/18/04 9:04 AM
Sorry i didn't respond sooner.  We were out of town.  Yes I think you should
do it.  If you don't, who else do i know that would?  So put me on the list
and keep me updated.  Good luck, and get new shoes.

Sent: 2/18/04 10:59 AM
John, be sure to put Dawn and I on your list.  Good luck and God speed.

Sent: 2/18/04 11:20 AM
Sounds like a good plan to me!!

Sent: 2/18/04 11:23 AM
I'd like to be on the list.  I also wish you the best of luck and echo 
some familiar comments:

1) Plan carefully.
2) Get sponsors!  Nike and Coca-Cola come to mind :-)  I'd also be 
happy to donate when details are available.
3) If anyone can do it, you can.

Sent: 2/18/04 2:35 PM
Sounds awesome! 

Please put me on the email list. 

Sent: 2/18/04 7:36 PM
I like crazy.

Put me on the list!

Sent: 2/19/04 7:51 PM
Keep me posted

Sent: 2/19/04 10:08 PM
Of course I want the updates!  Even though I think you're crazy! :) :)

Sent: 2/20/04 9:11 PM
Being as old as I am I love the
reminds me of the Dick and Jane books when I
was learning to read.  (Look Spot see Jane,  See Jane run etc.)
Proud of you

Sent: 2/20/04 9:52 PM
I was reading your emails on your possible run and I thought of some donain
names for you Have a great trip!!!!
How about:
I don't know I was just thinking about to you later

Sent: 2/21/04 12:37 PM
I agree with both your #1 and #2 statements about running across country,
however, if you are committed to doing this, Dan and I will back you in any way we can. :)
I read your other email about a suitable road around Golden area here in CO, and I will
ask Dan this afternoon.   Do you have an idea of when you might attempt to start your USA
run, or are you still in the organizing phase? What does Heidi think of this plan?  I would
definitely like to be on your communications list to hear how you are doing, so sign me up!
I'll email you any info I have for you about a running path. I wish Dan's sister was still
alive. She lived out close to that area and was an avid biker and hiker.

Sent: 2/21/04 2:54 PM
My personal favorite is the Run-Forrest-Run comment.
There is an Amtrak line that runs from Denver through Arvada-Wondervu-Rollinsville-East
Portal, then goes through the Moffat Tunnel and meets Hiway 40 in Winter Park.  They run
a ski train through there on weekends in the winter, and the line does continue on along
Hiway 40 and the Colorado River to Glenwood Springs (great for Fall Colors) and eventually
to San Francisco.  Anyway, it would provide a relatively low incline, but I have no idea if
it would be an adequate running surface for you.   I don't know if it provides a maintenance
road/path or if you would have to run on the ties for part of it.  But the scenery would be
very spectacular.  There is also a dirt road that goes over Rollins Pass (11,671 feet) in a
somewhat parallel route; alternating between the 2 of them would probably provide the shortest
I'll also check with a friend of mine who rides bicycle in the mountains to see if he has
any ideas.
I'm curious to see how you look with a long scraggly beard!

Sent: 2/21/04 9:46 PM
I like   It's perfect.  Good luck.

Sent: 2/23/04 10:12 AM
Hope your visit to Virginia and your run goes well. Good luck finding a
friendly route through CO as well since that is probably a very crucial part
of your run with the air being thin a good road is going to be extremely
important I imagine. I think that is the best option given
and is pretty funny. Take care.

Sent: 2/25/04 12:42 PM
Hey John,
I'm totally excited for your plans to run across the
country!!  I see you need some help navigating the
roads of CO.  I will be out of town for a few days for
my birthday, but can do some checking into the route
next week.  If you get antsy before then, I'd
encourage you to call the Boulder Running Company or
maybe the Colorado Mountain Club.

How exciting!

Sent: 2/25/04 9:07 PM
Another bit of advice is don't spend any more time than you have to in
East St. Louis.  I think E. St. Louis, Camden NJ, and Newark are the
scariest places that I have ever been.

Sent: 2/25/04 10:45 PM
It finally came up.  You have a lot of guts to do this.  Your Grandmother
would have been very proud of you.  I know I am.   And I'm glad you named
your site  see john run  I feel part of this run from that.  Be in shape.

Sent: 2/26/04 1:35 AM
So now you are in reverse.  Heidi will be out of Georgia by then won't she.
Bring me up to date
See John Run was my choice

Sent: 2/29/04 9:37 AM
Good luck with the Trans, my
friend David Horton did it several years back and said it was a very unique